Police Briefs 07-21-2015

July 22, 2015

July 1

700 Boylston St. – Larceny – Purse-snatch – No Force

497 Boylston St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

491 Boylston St. – Fraud – False Pretense/Scheme


July 2

279 Newbury St. – Auto Theft – Motorcycle/Scooter

800 Boylston St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

18 Exeter St. – Motor Vehicle Accident – Property Damage

793 Boylston St. – Property – Missing

281 Newbury St. – Larceny – All Others

284 Commonwealth Ave. – Burglary – Residential Attempt

798 Boylston St. – Auto Theft – Motorcycle/Scooter


July 3

Beacon and Dartmouth streets – Investigate Property

100 Huntington Ave. – Larceny – Shoplifting

363 Marlborough St. – Other Offense

53 Huntington Ave. – Larceny – Shoplifting

375 Newbury St. – Vandalism

401 Beacon St.  – Robbery – Street


July 4

352 Newbury St. – Vandalism

110 Huntington Ave. – Larceny – Theft from Building


July 5

350 Newbury St. – Investigate Person

112 Huntington Ave. – Investigate Person

885 Boylston St. – License Premise Violation


July 6

32 Dartmouth St. – Sick/Injured/Medical – Person


July 7

587 Boylston St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

93 Newbury St.  – Larceny – Shoplifting

1 Newbury St.   – Property – Lost

351 Newbury St. – Burglary – Commercial

800 Boylston St. – Larceny – Theft from Vehicle


July 8

398 Beacon St.  – Burglary – Residence

324 Newbury St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

124 Beacon St.  – Dangerous or Hazardous Condition

700 Boylston St. – Larceny – All Others


July 9

745 Boylston St. – Larceny – Theft from Vehicle

60 Exeter St.     – Vandalism

346 Newbury St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

100 Huntington Ave. – Larceny – Shoplifting

321 Beacon St.  – Burglary – Residence

226 Marlborough St. – Dangerous or Hazardous Condition


July 10

361 Newbury St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

900 Boylston St. – Violation of Restraining Order

324 Newbury St. – Larceny – Shoplifting

100 Huntington Ave. – Larceny – Shoplifting

53 Huntington Ave. – Larceny – Shoplifting

421 Marlborough St.  – Towed Motor Vehicle

700 Boylston St. – Stolen Property – Building

145 Dartmouth St. – Simple Assault – Battery


July 11

716 Boylston St. – Larceny – All Others

Berkeley and Newbury streets – Aggravated Assault


July 12

211 Berkeley St. – Larceny – Theft from Vehicle

205 Berkeley St. – Stolen Property

Gloucester and Newbury streets    Larceny – Theft from Vehicle

118 Huntington Ave. – Evading Fare

153 Hemenway St. – Motor Vehicle Accident – Property Damage

270 Newbury St. – Larceny – Theft from Vehicle


Investigate Person

07/02/15 – At approximately 3:13 a.m., police responded to a radio call to investigate a person in the rear of 284 Commonwealth Ave.

Dispatch advised officers that a caller said an unknown male had attempted to gain entry to her apartment via the rear window on the fire escape.

Upon arrival, police observed two suspects standing outside the front door at that address. Officers observed one suspect had cuts and dirt on his left arm and shoulder, and that a set of keys was propping open the front door.

The suspects and a witness told police they are renting a room in the building, and there was presently no concierge in the lobby to check them in.

Police spoke to the victim, who said she was in bed when she heard loud banging noises at her window. She said she then entered her kitchen to find the window ajar and an unknown man standing outside on the fire escape. At the time, the victim yelled at the suspect.

“I have a friend upstairs,” the suspect replied, before proceeding up the fire escape.

Officers also spoke to another resident of the building, who said she was in bed when she heard loud banging noises coming from her window. She said her window was then forced off-track, although she didn’t see who was responsible. After police observed that the window was indeed completely off-track and now lying inside the victim’s apartment, they contacted the emergency property manager, who responded and fixed it.

One suspect was placed under arrest and transported to District 4 headquarters, where he was booked in the usual manner and charged with attempted breaking and entering in the nighttime, trespassing and malicious destruction of property over $250.

The second suspect, who was outside the building, will be summonsed to court for trespassing.

A detective also responded to the scene to photograph it.

Evading Fare

07/12/15 – At about 3:19 a.m., an officer responded to an on-site fare evasion at 118 Huntington Ave.

The taxi driver flagged down the officer and told him that a passenger was refusing to pay his full fare after he drove him from Cambridge to his final destination in the Back Bay. The driver said he also picked up an unknown female with the passenger, but dropped her off along the way. The final fare for the taxi ride was $28.80, but the passenger would only pay $15, the driver said.

The officer then spoke with the passenger, who said there had been no female passenger, and that the driver had “taken [him] for a ride and drove [him] in circles.” The passenger said he was unwilling to pay the remaining $14.80 of the fare because he felt that the driver had cheated him.




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