An Ibiza Adventure

July 18, 2015

By Sasha Mishkin

The morning’s rosy glow shone through the overhead skylights when my dancing partner said it was 7 a.m. My eyes widened, but my feet kept moving. We were indulging in what Ibiza is known for—the nightlife. In the summer­time, major clubs heat up with nightly parties that feature the world’s top DJs. To be in a crowd of thousands of music lovers is just as dreamy as the crystal clear waters and captivating views Ibiza is also home to.

We strode out of the club with squinted eyes, our ears ringing from the heavy beats of DJ Marco Carola. A cab driver ushered us into the comfort of an easy ride home to Sant Antoni. This marked the start of our four-hour odyssey home. My vacation out­post didn’t have an address and was a steep climb up a rocky, dirt road. My dancing partner slept on my lap while the cab bumped and jerked along the narrow road at the cliff’s edge— a treacherous flirtation with death.

Per my instructions, I thought we should have seen the two tiny orange cars with tigers painted on the sides by this time. They indicated the driveway to the villa. Now, I was nervous. I would normally try and blame this on being in a foreign landscape, but that would be untrue. I com­pletely fit the female stereotype of being horrible at directions. The cab driver was disgruntled, my dancing partner was about to wake up to bad news, and I was responsible. The cab driver gave us two options: to be let out on the road or taken to the beach. A prepossessing Balearic island beach seemed like the bet­ter option. But despite our scenic surroundings, we were stranded.

I say stranded because neither of us had cell phone reception, we failed at hitching a ride, and the kayaks were locked to a tree. We were also very, very, thirsty. Standing at the water’s edge, we contemplated drinking it, but from my remembrances of sur­vival lessons in “Voyage of the Mimi,” I knew we would dehy­drate faster. At the nearby restau­rant (closed until 11 a.m.), I snuck into the garage and procured a liter of bottled water—liquid gold. As we rested on a lounge chaise, a scrappy stray dog approached. I fed him water from my cupped hand, shifting my gaze from the dog to my napping dance partner. The three amigos, I mused.

Surveying the pine-clad moun­tain, it looked like we could tra­verse up and over. The house was just on the other side, and I was sure we could make good time. Our attempt resulted in a dead end and a shameful trek back to the beach. As the old adage goes, looks can be deceiving. My danc­ing partner thought our sojourn was hopeless, in more crass terms, and though I didn’t verbalize it, I agreed.

I can’t recall a time in my life where I so desperately needed the passage of a boat as I did in that moment. And then it hap­pened. While my dancing partner napped, I excitedly trotted over to a fisherman who was docking his small motorboat. He nodded emphatically when I showed him a photo of the sandy cove my villa overlooked. “Let’s go, I got us a boat,” I chimed nonchalantly.

My dancing partner didn’t believe me until we were cutting through waves, being sprayed by the sea’s salty mist. The fisherman docked us as close as he could and let us on our way. After a bit of rock climbing and short hike up to the house, we were saved, embraced by the familiar arms of luxury tourism.

Though my trip was also filled with a posh dinner at the Nassau Beach Club, sunset drinks at Café del Mar, and lazy dips in the Mediterranean, I have to say that the 10-minute boat ride will be my most vivid recollection. Especially because when I was leaving for the airport, my friends stopped to take a goodbye photo in the same spot I made the cab driver turn around. Had we driven 50   more feet, I would have seen the tiger-painted cars.

Stay: Handpick a luxury villa that offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and bask in the island’s serenity. I used http://www. you’re looking to be com­pletely immersed in the Ibiza scene, stay at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel. You can glide from your room to the party in a matter of seconds. Book a room at: http://www.ush­

Eat: Nassau Beach Club offers an elegant, beachside dining expe­rience. The extensive wine list and Asian-inspired cuisine pairs wonderfully with unfiltered views of the sea. For a quiet meal, enter Sa Cova, a romantic French bis­tro located beneath the castle in Old Town. The service is friend­ly, the food is freshly prepared and delightfully seasoned, and the courtyard is intimate and ambient.

Drink: Experimental Cocktail Beach Club transforms sipping a cocktail into an art form. The bartenders use Ibizan hierbas and  fresh fruit to craft unique drinks that you can sip from conch shells or pineapples.

Café del Mar and Café Mambo are adjacent to one another on the trendy boardwalk in downtown San Antoni. Arrive early for a prime view of Ibiza’s other worldly sunset.

Do: The Hippy Market is home to local artisans who sell hand­made clothing, jewelry, home décor, and bohemian accessories. Live music plays as you peruse stands and people watch.

Snorkel, scuba dive, or relax on a chartered boat that brings you to Ibiza’s most remote sandy coves. You’ll cruise by celebrity villas and bronze underneath the sun’s glistening rays.

The view from my villa in Ibiza.

The view from my villa in Ibiza.

Sasha Mishkin grew up on the North Shore and attended college in New York City. She has writ­ten travel and lifestyle stories for various publications. Track her latest travels, tips, and insights on Instagram (@cityofone) and Twitter (@sashmish).


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