TEA Takes Steps to Combat Growing Geese Population

May 5, 2015

The Esplanade Association is now taking steps to combat the ever-growing population of Canadian geese, which often has a detrimental impact on the park.

“Unfortunately, geese can be rude, noisy and sometimes aggressive,” according to a press release detailing the new initiative. “They’re not familiar with the concept of bathrooms – instead they leave behind an ever-growing amount of feces, which can pose a serious health risk if it gets too out of hand.

Their constant grazing and debris also creates several maintenance problems.”

To curb the Esplanade’s geese population, the nonprofit is partnering with the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR )on a proven approach, including contracting Canada’s Geese Police, Inc., which uses Border collies to herd them off the park property; and installing black-and-orange canisters at the Charles Eliot Memorial and he Teddy Ebersol Red Sox Fields that omit a solar-powered, amber colored light at night to mimic the reflection in a predator’s eyes.

The Esplanade Association also asks visitors to do their part by not feeding the geese, and by leaving off-leash Border collies and their handlers alone while they are working.

To learn more or donate to The Esplanade Association’s geese-control initiative, visit.www.theespladeassociation.org.

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