Levin,Starr to Be Honored by Tufts Medical

March 17, 2015

Revolutionary.  Passionate.  Courageous. These are all words to describe the co-founders of Third Rock Ventures.  Kevin Starr and Mark Levin of the Back Bay will be honored by Tufts Medical Center with the Ellen M. Zane Award for Visionary Leadership at the 2015 Working Wonders Gala for Tufts Medical Center. The Gala will be held Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Courage to stand up to cancer comes in all forms, and Kevin and Mark, together with their co-founder Bob Tepper, M.D. of Weston, are leading the charge in the healthcare industry.  Recipients of the Ellen M. Zane Award for Visionary Leadership, they possess the extraordinary and transformational leadership to launch, fund and lead businesses that ultimately make dramatic differences for patients, particularly those fighting cancer.

According to Michael Wagner, M.D., President and CEO of Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children, the co-founders of Third Rock Ventures have made an indelible impact on the hospital in their own unique way.  “By diligently working to help companies to develop cancer fighting drugs, the co-founders of Third Rock Ventures have made a distinct impression on the hospital and on our community. Their determination, expertise and tenacity in the face of this disease are truly inspiring.  We are extremely proud of their professional accomplishments and we are honored to recognize them for their outstanding commitment and passion.”

As trailblazers in the charge to transform the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries, Kevin, Mark and Bob are true visionaries.  “The initiative and passion that Kevin, Mark and Bob bring to their work every day is a true example of vision and leadership,” said David Schenkein, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Agios Pharmaceuticals and attending physician of Hematology at Tufts Medical Center.  “Since its inception in 2007, Third Rock Ventures has raised more than $1.3 billion for investments in healthcare companies and has made an immeasurable impact on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals across the nation.  With a portfolio of over 30 primarily Boston-based companies, the co-founders of Third Rock Ventures have demonstrated their continued commitment to building the next wave of great biotech companies – companies that will have a profound impact on the patients treated at Tufts Medical Center.”

The 2015 Working Wonders for Tufts Medical Center Gala will also honor Paul Kirk, a 20-year old Floating Hospital for Children patient, with the Cam Neely Award for Courage.  The event is co-chaired by Robert Beal, Partner and President of the real estate firm Related Beal and Brian R. Driscoll, Regional Managing Director of Aon Constructions Services Group.  The event’s physician chair is Jonathan M. Davis, M.D., Chief, Newborn Medicine at Floating Hospital for Children.  The Working Wonders for Tufts Medical Center Gala will be held March 24, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  For tickets and information, visit www.workingwonderstuftsmc.org or call 617-636-7656.


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