New Off-leash Dog Areas Designated on Common

June 10, 2014

After more than a decade of lobbying for an off-leash dog park in the Boston Common, Boston dog owners finally have a place – or places – to let their doodles, dachshund and Dalmatians romp freely without having to keep an eye out for an approaching Park Ranger.

Freely, that is, as long as their unleashed furry friends stay within designated areas of the park, as set forth in a new program of rotating off-leash dog recreation sites launched June 2 by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

For the owners, dog parks are not only about socializing their pups. They are about building community among each other as they meet, talk and sip lattes daily. This week, however, much of their conversation has been about the size and location of the new areas, which many feel are too small for their dogs to adequately exercise and dangerously close to busy pedestrian walkways.

The five areas – three along Beacon Street, the fourth partly on the Parade Grounds and the fifth near the Parkman Bandstand – have been named off-leash dog sites. Two will be used at a time, most likely for six months,

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