Thank You for a Great Marathon

April 29, 2014

We want to take the time to acknowledge all the behind the scenes work from thousands of Marathon officials, Boston and State Police and city officials who worked together to make this year’s Marathon a memorable experience.

Living in the Back Bay, we were front and center in last year’s cowardly act that left hundreds injuried and four dead.

As a parent, the memory of my 10 year-old son walking up Fairfield Street crossing Newsbury Street just seconds before the second bomb went off is still as vivid today as it was almost a year ago.

Having run in the Marathon and experiencing the crowds and the whole atmosphere of the weekend, it is truly a special memory.

Now more than 34,000 runners share the experience of a great community event from  Hopkington to the Back Bay.

To all these officials, we say thank you for a job well done and returning to us our Marathon.

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