Tompkins Applauds Appointments of Evans and Gross

January 21, 2014

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins joined City of Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley in congratulating the Boston Police Department’s new Commissioner, William Evans and Superintendent In-Chief, William Gross.

Standing with Mayor Walsh inside of Boston Police Headquarters in Roxbury to help usher in this new era for the City of Boston with these appointments, Sheriff Tompkins was effusive in his praise of both the city’s newly elected mayor and his most recent appointees.

“I am outrageously heartened by [Mayor Walsh’s] election,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “You have shown time and again, prior to becoming mayor, that you really care about public safety and that you really care about the recovery community, and these are things that we wholeheartedly care about.”

“In our facilities, 85% of the people are there because of some involvement with drugs, and 42% present with some form of mental illness,” Sheriff Tompkins continued. “To have this team standing here with this mayor in charge, we know at the Sheriff’s Department that we are going to get the resources, and equally as important, the companionship to help us. So, I am just fantastically, outrageously enthusiastic about what we’ve got going on here.”

Addressing the topic of the selection of his two newest leaders, Mayor Walsh spoke about the qualifications of Commissioner Evans and Supt. In-Chief Gross, and their ability to inspire others.

“This is an important day for the people of our city,” said Mayor Walsh. “I’m proud to announce William Evans as the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and William Gross as the Superintendent In-Chief. To be able to talk to young people, particularly young people of color and say ‘this is what you can achieve’ and the same for Commissioner Evans to a young kid from South Boston, ‘this is what you can achieve’ – I think we’re sending out a very positive message across the city today. Let’s recommit ourselves to the safety of every resident in the City of Boston.”

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley concurred.

“Mayor Walsh couldn’t have made two better choices,” D.A. Conley said. “They are terrific, terrific professional police officers. I wish them all the success and I look forward to working with them.”

In his time at the podium, Commissioner Evans humbly deflected the praise directed at him and returned it to those he believed were most deserving.

“I’m honored to take on this position,” Commissioner Evans said. “I work with the greatest department in the nation. A lot of my fellow workers are here – they put me here. They deserve all the credit for me being here, and I want to thank Mayor Walsh for having the confidence in me to move forward in bringing this force to the next level.”

Standing with him arm-in-arm, Supt. In-Chief Gross spoke enthusiastically about the road that led him to this moment and about the work that lies ahead.

“You can change a life by getting involved,” said Supt. In-Chief Gross. “That’s what happened to me in my career path. People got involved, they intervened and they looked out for me. Everyone has to do their job in the community to the best of their ability. I can’t wait to get started.”

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