City Council Race

September 24, 2013

Although the fierce mayoral campaign has drawn most of the attention of  Boston voters and the media over the past four months, there also has been a very active City Council race.

With more than 18 candidates vying for five at large city council seats, this election very likely will be decided by just a few hundred votes.  In addition, there are five candidates, Michael Nichols, Josh Zakim, Gloria Murray, Thomas Dooley and Angelica Addivinola, seeking to fill Mike Ross’ seat.

Again, we urge all voters to get out and cast their ballots.  Every citizen should  assume that every candidate needs their vote and that every vote is important.

So even if the main reason for a voter going to the polls is to cast a vote only for either Mayor or City Council, we urge all voters to vote on the entire ballot.

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