State Rep.-elect Livingstone Looks Forward to Beginning Inaugural Term

July 9, 2013

As he prepares to assume the role of 8th Suffolk District state representative, Jay Livingstone is hitting the ground running in anticipation of his inaugural term in office.

“Over the last few weeks, I’ve been familiarizing myself and getting up to speed with development issues,” said Livingstone, a 39-year-old attorney and Beacon Hill resident. “I want to get involved as fast as possible with progressive issues, and reach out to community groups to hear their voices and make sure their concerns are being addressed.”

Livingstone is already working to open a dialogue between Fisher College and neighbors regarding the school’s controversial plans to expand its Back Bay campus.

“I’m reaching out to Fisher College and neighbors, as well as [the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay], to see how the dispute brewing between neighborhood and Fisher can best be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction,” Livingstone said.

Livingstone also said meetings had resumed with the Simon Property Group after the Indiana-based developer unveiled a revised proposal last month to build a $500 million, 52-story high-rise at Copley Place containing 109 condos, 433 apartments and four floors of retail.

“I look forward to helping find ways that development can enhance a neighborhood while preserving its quality of life there,” Livingstone said.

Meanwhile, Livingstone recently completed a “ride-along” with Cambridge police who work exclusively with homeless individuals and saw firsthand how officers work proactively with service providers to assist the homeless.

“I want to look at how it can be expanded to other communities,” Livingstone said of the police program.

Livingstone also looks forward to participating in a task force charged with reviewing the criminal justice system.

“Today, we’re incarcerating too many people and we could do better to reduce recidivism rates,” Livingstone said.

While Livingstone said last week he was unsure when he would take office, he was eager to begin representing his constituents in parts of the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, West End and Fenway in Boston, as well as Cambridgeport and MIT in Cambridge.

“I’m just excited to get in there to represent the community and try to make a difference,” Livingstone said.

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