Hill House Offering Spring Programming

March 26, 2013

With the start of spring, Hill House is expanding its offerings for children and, for the first time, providing programming for adults.

“We’re going to begin incorporating cooking as a seasonal program,” said Rebecca Yudkoff, program director. “We have a very spacious kitchen, and we feel we haven’t made use of it.”

The Adult Cooking Series, presented in partnership with BiNA Family Hospitality and KitchenWares, caters to everyone from kitchen novices to experienced home chefs, with individual classes focusing on pasta, appetizers, fish, meat, dinner for two and grilling.   “The Art of Cooking with Dani Urencio,” in turn, is designed to teach 3- to 5-year-olds the basics of food preparation and expand their palates, and participants will create their very own cookbooks. Another series offers cooking classes for parents and children together.

“We’re also hoping to tap further into the ‘new mom’ demographic by inviting people to become part of the Hill House community,” Yudkoff said.

With this in mind, Hill House has launched pre-natal yoga and “Mommy and Me Stroller Fitness,” an exercise program for mothers and their babies.

“Child care is offered during ZUMBA classes to encourage parents who are home with their kids to participate,” Yudkoff said.

Hill House is also expanding its afternoon offerings for children through new “drop-off” programs, which consist of two 45-minute segments. One program combines musical theatre and art as participating kids design props and other works inspired by the day’s theatrical production. Another, entitled “Storybook Yoga,” includes a reading of a children’s book, followed by a craft and yoga class that incorporate themes from the story.

“The Art of Jewelry Design,” meanwhile, is an afternoon class that teaches 6 to 9-year-olds some of the most popular jewelry techniques, including wire wrapping, beautiful beading and stamping, among other techniques.

Spring programming began March 25th, but Hill House, as always, will pro-rate classes for newcomers. For more information, visit www.hillhouseboston.org.

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