Area D-4 Sees 10-percent Reduction in Violent and Property Crimes in ‘12

January 15, 2013

Area D-4, which includes the Back Bay, South End, Lower Roxbury and Fenway, saw an approximately 10-percent reduction in violent and property crimes in 2012 from the previous year, according to Boston Police.

Between Jan. 1 and Dec. 30 of 2012, 4,365 incidents of Part One crime were reported, compared with 4,834 during the same timeframe in 2011.

While violent and property crime was down overall, homicides were up 20 percent as the number of incidents climbed to six from five.

Aggravated assaults were also up slightly, with 289 in 2012, compared to 282 the previous year.

Rapes and attempted rapes, on the other hand, saw a 12-percent decrease as the number dropped to 29 from 33 in 2011.

Robberies and attempted robberies were also down 12 percent as the number fell to 273 from 308 the previous year.

Burglaries and attempted burglaries were down 20 percent, with 317 incidents as opposed to 524 the previous year.

Vehicle thefts and attempted vehicle thefts were down 22 percent as the number dropped to 156 from 201 in 2011.

Larcenies and attempted larcenies saw a 5-percent reduction, with 3,295 incidents in 2012 as opposed to 3,481 the previous year.

Citywide, Part One crime was down 5 percent in 2012 as the total number of incidents dropped to 23,358 from 24,717 in 2011.

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