By the Numbers: Back Bay Voters Support Obama, Warren

November 13, 2012

Like voters across the country, the Back Bay supported President Barack Obama in his re-election victory over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in last Tuesday’s race.

According to the city’s unofficial election results, approximately 63 percent of voters in Ward 5, Precincts 6, 7, 8 and 9 backed the Obama-Biden ticket, while around 35 percent cast their ballots for Republican challengers Romney and Vice Presidential-hopeful Paul Ryan.  Citywide, 79 percent of voters supported Obama, while Romney trailed at 19 percent.

In the U.S. Senate race, Elizabeth Warren received 56 percent of Back Bay ballots, compared with the incumbent, Republican Scott Brown, who garnered 44 percent of the vote. Warren received 74 percent of the vote throughout the city, while Brown only mustered 26 percent.

Incumbent Michael Capuano received 71 percent of Back Bay votes for the U.S. Congress District 7 seat, compared with Independent challenger Karla Romero, who trailed at 28 percent.

Marilyn Petitto Devaney won her re-election bid for Governor’s Council (District 3), with 76 percent of the Back Bay vote, beating rival Thomas Sheff’s 23 percent.

Around 66 percent of Back Bay voters backed incumbent William Brownsberger in the State Senate race for 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex, while 33 percent supported Republican rival Stephen Aylward.

On the ballot questions, 85 percent of Back Bay voters supported the “right to repair,” which requires automakers to provide diagnostic and repair information to car owners and independent repair shops, and 76 percent favored the use of medical marijuana.

In contrast to voters throughout the Commonwealth who rejected the second ballot question, 67 percent of Back Bay voters backed a measure to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Turnout in the Back Bay fell just shy of 62 percent, with 5,903 of 9,590 registered voters casting their ballots.

Citywide, around 65 percent of  387,142 registered voters took part in the election.


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