Talking Underground

May 23, 2012

Back Bay T-riders will be finding it much easier and more reliable when using cell phones while riding on the T in the months to come.

This comes as good news to those married to their cell-phones and who become easily disoriented when they aren’t of any use when riding on the T.

The T is allowing mobile carriers to provide cell phone reception.

The T already provides such connectivity but what is available is not enough to insure cell phone communications as we tend to know them above ground.

Expanding and improving underground cell-phone service is a positive move for several reasons.

As a safety element, improved cell-phone service underground provides yet another later of protection for riders and for first responders during an accident or an underground incident.

It also provides for many eyes to be on potential terrorists who, for a long time, have been attempting to use American transit systems for their deadly efforts.

Many have been able to speak underground using their cell phones on the T since the service was first introduced allowing for this in 2007.

The ongoing effort will expand and improve the service so that reception between Prudential and Symphony will be perfect.

Continuous mobile reception through all of the MBTA’s 35 underground stations and its 19 miles of tunnels is expected within a few months.

This improvement will be welcomed by cell phone users, which includes nearly everyone of us at this point.

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