Safety First

February 7, 2012

The mayor and the police commissioner both detailed enormous efforts being planned by the city’s public safety and police forces in preparing for possible crowd control containment measures had the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

A barrage of news reports containing the stern voice of  Police Commissioner Ed Davis warning that everyone who became unruly would be arrested came as comforting talk from someone Bostonians have come to trust.

There is nothing more comforting to Bostonians living in the downtown and in Back Bay than to hear that the full resources of the city would be put to use to maintain order in our neighborhood.

Regrettably, the Patriots loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl Sunday, ended any thoughts of celebrating in the streets of the city.

Back Bay was absolutely deserted following the Super Bowl outcome.

It would have been better if the Patriots had won – but the peace and calm of Sunday night in Back Bay was something to behold.

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