First Snow

January 24, 2012

The first real snowfall of the year over the weekend has turned Back Bay and Boston’s other neighborhoods into a winter wonderland.

It wasn’t a heavy snowfall as snowfalls go around here. But at least it reminded us that the New England winter guarantees the beauty and the inconvenience of the white stuff.

In a quick turnaround indicative of the hidden winter this year, the weathermen and women are predicting much warmer weather for the early part of this week.

Temperatures are predicted to rise into the 50’s – another sign of the dramatic warming during this winter that seems to point to global warming in general and climate change locally.

One winter does not make a streak – especially when considering this time last year 72 inches of snow had already fallen on Boston.

Enjoy the temporary warm-up and then get ready for the winter blasts that are in front of us.

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