Privacy, Please

October 25, 2011

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Giselle Bundchen live in the Back Bay in a spectacular townhouse said to be worth in excess of $10 million.

Recently, the Brady’s have apparently moved to a smaller Back Bay location but just down the street or around the corner from their present Beacon Street location.

We cover the major and minor happenings in the Back Bay, but have published only one photograph of Tom Brady in the past three years. We have never published a photograph of his wife, Giselle. We honor their right to privacy even though they are celebrities.

Boston has always had the reputation of being one of the cities in the United States where celebrities can live largely unfettered by huge crowds gathering around them whenever they go outside their homes for a walk or to do some shopping.

Recently, one of the local dailies has come to print numerous photographs of Giselle and her son Benjamin out for a walk or playing in a local park or being pushed in a stroller on the Esplanade and on and on and on.

Not only is this an invasion of the Brady-Bundchen right to privacy, it opens them to possible harassment from the public, which presently leaves them alone.

The repeated photographs of Brady, his wife and child appearing so often and with such regularity in one of the local dailies is growing tiresome for some of us.

After all, we like the Brady-Bundchen clan but there should be more to our morning daily newspaper than photographs of them.

Being a celebrity is sometimes a difficult thing for many people to live with. Brady is a celebrity in every way. So too, is his wife.  But Boston should never forget that the Brady’s are a part of the Back Bay. Therefore, they have a right to their privacy. Their photographs don’t need to be featured two to three times weekly in our major newspapers – or even in our minor weeklies.

They, too, have their right to be Bostonians just out for a walk without photographers hiding out in bushes or spying on them with telescopic lenses.

We enjoy living with these people.

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