Board of Election Commissioners brings Voter Registration to Graduating Seniors

April 28, 2011

Boston’s Board of Election Commissioners is bringing voter registration to the city’s high schools – public, parochial and private – in an effort to add graduating seniors to the voter rolls.

“Today’s seniors have so much to do, from finalizing college plans, studying for those last few exams, turning in textbooks, and getting ready for graduation festivities, so that registering to vote falls by the wayside,” said Geraldine Cuddyer, chair of the Board of Election Commissioners.

Board members Ellen Rooney and Shawn Burke have contacted high schools across the city. Along with fellow board member Helen Wong, and other Election Department staff, they have visited a number of high schools to register students, and to provide information regarding applying for absentee ballots.

“With municipal elections coming up in the Fall, as well as the Presidential Primary in early 2012, the board wants to ensure that Boston students who are going away to school are not only registered to vote, but also familiar with the absentee ballot process,” said Commissioner Cuddyer. “Visiting the schools allows the board to answer questions and provide information in an informal way.”

Registration drives have already been held at Boston Prep, the Newman School and the Commonwealth School. Future registration drives are scheduled at Madison Park and Snowden International High Schools, as well as Cathedral High School and Boston Trinity Academy. Several other schools are in the process of setting dates.

If you are a high school student, a parent of a student, or an educator interested in having the board visit your school, contact Commissioner Ellen Rooney at 617-635-2837 or via e-mail at

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