Staying Safe

February 22, 2011

A lecture given on Beacon Hill Thursday evening by Sgt. Gary Eblan of the Boston Police Department was extremely well attended and rightly so.

It is the type lecture that should be given at least four times a year in the Back Bay.

Nearly all Back Bay residents want to increase the odds when it comes to maintaining their personal safety when walking home, getting into their automobiles, or entering their homes at all times of day or the night.

That is exactly what Sgt. Ebans discussed Thursday night.

He told everyone assembled what not to do.

Don’t be outsmarted by your i-Pod. In other words, the music you are listening to could be the last thing you hear before being hit over the head and robbed of your handbag or wallet.

Talking on your cell phone and shutting out the world you are walking in can lead to the same demise.

Sgt. Eblan said that criminals know who to prey on. That’s why they are criminals – and that’s why they find places like Back Bay easy picking.

Many people are so into their own world here that they often shut out the real world with the end result – being robbed.

Remaining aware at all times is what matters, he said.

If a thief has attacked you and you fall to the ground, he suggested grabbing a handful of dirt or sand to throw at your assailant’s eyes. If you are taken down on a sidewalk, he showed basic physical moves to get away from the assailant.

He also talked about fire alarms – pull one if you’re feeling the need for help in an unsafe situation.

The lecture was sponsored by the Area A-1 Police Department.

To that end, Captain O’Rourke and Community Service Officer Sgt. Tome Lema were in attendance.

Public safety in Back Bay can take a quantum leap for a large group of residents if such a public safety lecture were offered.

We would urge Back Bay leaders to schedule a series of such events which would augment the wide variety of public safety modalities already in service throughout the neighborhood.

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