NABB News and Notes: Melting Snow Brings the Trash

February 22, 2011

As the snow melts and you walk around our neighborhood it is impossible to miss seeing all the trash on our streets and in our alley’s. In many cases, trash was buried by a snowfall. In others, it was blown around during a blizzard. And, in some cases it was carelessly thrown on the street or in the alley. Now that the snow is melting, all of this trash and litter is truly unsightly.

Residents of the Back Bay all need to chip in to help clean our streets/alleys. You can help us by doing the following:

• Picking up any trash you see on the ground—whether it be on the street or in the alley.  You can contain it in a trash bag on trash day or if you find it on the mall, put it in a trash barrel.

• The city is starting now to sweep the neighborhood during the evening. We can help them by chipping down the ice mounds, so they can sweep and take away the debris.

If every resident picked up the trash in front of their building and in the rear alley, our neighborhood will once again look beautiful. Please help us to prevent our neighborhood from looking like the picture below.

Dog lovers, we need your help

We need the help of Back Bay dog owners.   Many residents have noticed the little blue/black dog waste bags or dog waste on or under the newly melted snow.  It seems this situation has escalated itself over the winter months.  When the snow melts, dog waste does not.

Leaving dog waste behind is harmful to the health of everyone–adults, children and pets.  It attracts rodents, and according to the Center for Disease Control, rodent activity is responsible for spreading more than 35 diseases.

If you see anyone not picking up after their dog or placing dog waste in an improper place, please ask them to pick up and use the proper place of disposal—a trash barrel.  The Commonwealth Avenue Mall has numerous trash barrels as does the Esplanade, the Public Garden and many street corners throughout the Back Bay.

The City of Boston Web site posts the Dog Fouling Law, which is printed below.  There is a $50 fine for violating this ordinance.

Dog fouling and the law

The City of Boston’s dog-fouling ordinance, section 16-1.10a of the city code, requires dog owners to remove and properly dispose of any feces left by their dogs. This ordinance covers waste left by your dog on sidewalks, streets and parks, and on your neighbor’s yards.

When walking your dog, the law necessitates you to be prepared for such occurrences and be equipped with a bag or some other means of feces removal. After it is removed, it is important to dispose of the feces properly, either in a toilet or in a trash container (after being secured in a plastic bag).

These laws are intended to protect the public from potential health conditions, and prevent environmental pollution caused by dog waste. Visit for more information.

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