BWSC Outlines Upcoming Work on Newbury and Dartmouth Streets

February 15, 2011

By Dan Murphy

Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) officials met with residents last week to outline its upcoming work on Newbury and Dartmouth streets.

The project includes the replacement of the water main between on Newbury Street between Arlington and Gloucester streets, as well as rehabilitation of the main on Dartmouth Street between Boylston and Beacon streets. Both phases of the project are to be undertaken simultaneously, with construction likely to start in June. Work is expected to take eight to 10 months and would stop during the winter months before commencing again in the spring of 2012, said BWSC Director of Engineering and Design Stephen Shea.

Prior to construction, temporary water and fire connections would be installed to assure that service to nearby residences and businesses isn’t affected, Shea said.

Also, Shea said one traffic lane and one parking lane would need to be closed during construction, but contactors would work on one block at a time to minimize traffic and parking impacts.

BWSC Director of Construction Irene McSweeney said contractors would permanently restore the sidewalk and temporarily patch the street after work is completed on each block. Permanent street restoration would then be performed within the next six month, McSweeney added.

While the BWSC has yet to put the project out to bid at this time, the city agency has hired the Boston-based public relations firm Regina Villa Associates to handle public inquiries and complaints.

Representatives for both the contractor and Regina Villa will be on hand at the next public meeting, which the BWSC will schedule prior to the start of construction, Shea said.

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